$15,000Prize Pool

diversifier Challenge:

YAHAHA Multiplayer Challenge

JAN 30



$15,000 Prize Pool

Developers/teams that choose to complete the YAHAHA diversifier, your entries will be reviewed by YAHAHA and there will be 6 prizes awarded:


$ 5,000

The Challenge Winner


$ 1,000

The Best User Experience Award


$ 1,000

The Best Aesthetic Award


$ 1,000

The Best Gameplay Award


$ 1,000

The Best Innovation Award

Besides the challenge winners and the categories winners mentioned above, we will also select up to 30 honorable mentions of $200.

Check the list of winners here

To Submit Your Entry

Step 1

Go to Global Game Jam Official website. Create an account on GGJ and select a jam site to join.
Can’t find one near you? Join the Yahaha Hybrid jam site listed below.

Step 2

Create and publish your game on YAHAHA Studio. Copy the game’s share link.

Step 3

Create your game project with the share link and other requested information on GGJ official website. Submit the project to the site you joined. Make sure to select “YAHAHA Studio” in the “Tools and Technology” dropdown menu and list the diversifier “YAHAHA Multiplayer Challenge” on your entry submission page.

Step 4

Complete our submission form on the current page. See the submission form below.

Please make sure to include a screenshot and complete the submission before Feb 5th 5pm in your local time zone of your selected jam site AND complete the submission form on this page before
08:59 am CET, Feb 6th.


By clicking "Submit", you agree to our Diversifier Challenge Terms and Conditions



We are hosting our first Global Game Jam both online in our Discord Community and offline at Arcade 5 in Helsinki from February 3rd to February 5th.

Click here to sign up for the site.

YAHAHA Studio offers an all-in-one game developing platform that supports jammers in creating a playable 3D game in 48 hours.

A low-code 3D game development platform
Out-of-the-box integrated multiplayer support
Millions of ready-to-use free 3D assets for games. Drag-and-drop ready!
Import functionality allows uploading custom 3D creations
Solo dev and beginner friendly

Workshops to help you get started with YAHAHA Studio will be hosted at GGJ Twitch channel on January 25th & 27th.

Check out our doc & API here

Join our helpful and friendly Discord community for updates, and more information!

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QDo I need to join the Yahaha hybrid site in order to participate in the YAHAHA Diversifier Challenge?

AYou can participate in the YAHAHA Diversifier Challenge from any site you prefer. In order to have a qualified submission, you only need to follow the submission guidelines.

QDo I need a Team to participate in the challenge?

AEvery game entry in Global Game Jam is by default a project. You can choose to add members to your GGJ project or keep it as a solo development project.

QHow shall I submit my game as a team?

ASimilar to GGJ submission only ONE person from your team needs to fill in the submission form on this page.

QI use other game engines and tools. Can I join the YAHAHA hybrid site?

AYes. Everyone is welcome to our site!

QDoes my game need to be finished?

ANo, your game can be in any phase of development. The only requirement is that you will need to have a playable build or prototype made in YAHAHA studio. You are free to update/edit your submission until the submission deadline.

QHow will I get the reward if the game is created by a team?

AThe team representative who submitted the entry will be contacted. Members of the team can then decide to receive the prize from one representative or share it equally.

QWhen and Where can I find the winners' announcement?

AThe winners' announcement will be shared latest by February 28th on this web page.

QWhere can I get support from Yahaha’s staff during the GGJ week?

AJoin our discord channel from here and tag our staff for support.