Team Yahaha

Founded in 2020, our company has now opened offices in Finland, Korea and China. We have a strong engineering culture with more than 80% of our team members being engineers. With an open culture, we embrace diversity, innovation and inclusiveness.


We create cross-platform experiences and deliver user autonomy by smooth platform shifting.

Yahaha is a platform where users can engage in all games, interactive content, creations and diverse communities which are made with Yahaha Studio. It is a virtual world that advocates a new lifestyle with edgy technology.

Design games without coding

To become a Yahaha creator, a creative mind is enough! With Yahaha Studio, creators are able to easily construct multiplayer online game worlds without having to master any technical skills such as coding, server development, or possess any previous game design experience.

Create quickly and conveniently

With our cutting-edge engine, creators can generate multiplayer interactive contents quickly and conveniently. With Yahaha Studio, various innovative ideas are implemented and conveyed as high-quality works through 3D assets in our platform.

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