Upload and publish assets to the Asset Library in YAHAHA Studio to earn YOS rewards.

Runs from

2022.12.09 - 2023.02.08

Event Rewards

assets published

Published 1 asset

Published 10 assets

Published 50 assets

Published 100 assets


100 YOS

200 YOS

500 YOS

1000 YOS

How to publish assets

1. Open the Resource box in the studio and select "import" in the space content

2. Once you have finished uploading, drag your model from the Resource box into the scene

3. Right click on your model in the scene and select "Publish to AL"

What are the criteria for publishing assets?

The assets uploaded for this event should be 3D models.

When will I receive my YOS?

The rewards will be awarded within a week after the event, based on the number of uploads.

Is the reward cumulative?

NO, up to a point. You can receive a maximum of 1800 YOS by uploading more than 100 assets.

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